Friday, August 1, 2008

Wild ELF Mob In Malaysia

Less than a year after the infamous Super Junior ELF mob at the Beijing airport there is another report of ELF back to their mobbing ways.

Super Junior (9 members at the time) arrived in Malaysia for the MTV Asian Awards on July 31th. From the minute the boys stepped down into Malaysia hundreds of fans have already gathered at the airport waiting for just one glimpse at them.

However some reports from fan accounts have been spreading around the net claiming that a mini ELF Mob formed around Lee Sungmin and Lee EunHyuk. Pictures showed Sungmin making his way through a crowd of fans as they grabbed and pulled on his clothes. Eunhyuk is said to have faced the same fate since he walked ahead of Sungmin.

Last year ELF mobbed the Beijing Airport and pushed/pulled so much they ended up injuring many of the members. Lee Dong Hae became irritated and screamed out "Move. Sh*T. Get the F*ck out of the way." which later he apologized for but still facing thousands of protests from Chinese ELF.


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