Friday, August 8, 2008

SM Wants To EnureSilent Treatment Does Not Happen Again At SM Town Tour 08

Regarding the upcoming SM TOWN Summer Concert to be held at the Seoul Olympic Stadium, SM Entertainment is still considering/discussing/finalizing SNSD's performance. On that day, all performances will be carried out by all singers under SM Entertainment, such as TVXQ!, BoA, Super Junior, SHINee, Cheon Sang Ji Hee The Grace etc.

However, SNSD's situation is different. SM Entertainment is very concerned about what happened during the Dream Concert held on 7 June, when most fans from other fanclubs remained silent and di not clap during SNSD's performance.

At that time, those fans had said that SNSD had shown disregard for their sunbaes such as TVXQ! and SHINHWA when they are on variety shows or radio programmes, thus we cannot support SNSD.

An SM representative mentioned "We have not discussed any possible solutions with CARTEL (made up of TVXQ, Super Junior and SS501 fans), who remained silent during SNSD's performances at Dream concert. After the release of SNSD's apology letter, there are still many people who protested against SNSD via phone calls or emails. However, we cannot leave out SNSD in a concert that is supposed to involve all SM artistes. This dilemma/problem has to be taken into account.

SM Entertainment would either not allow SNSD to perform , or decrease their number of performances, or let SNSD perform/collaborate with TVXQ on the same stage or use other means to allow fans and anti-fans (mainly CARTEL) to resolve their differences.


Cant wait for SMTown Tour 08!!!!DBSK,SUJU AND SHINee~~~~~~ SNSD hopefully they don't cancel out their performance. . .

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