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Some funny/interesting facts on our stars

-they are blocked from Music Station (WTH!!!source:from their japanese staff's blog
-the pre-orders of their 4th album - over 200 000 copies (wow) n their debut album only had 10 000 (MAJOR IMPROVEMENT!)

-Article Cutting:

In another report, according to a taiwanese news source - DBSK's music helped a fan awake from a coma. Zhuang Xiao Han, a 21 year old fan of DBSK got into a serious accident last year and the doctor said that she won't live more than 3 days. Zhuang's mother still held belief and knowing that her daughter was such a fan of DBSK, she played their music by her side every day. After more than a year of being in a coma and music playing, Zhuang finally awoke a few days ago. Zhuang's mother said, "I really thank DBSK for letting me see a miracle." She awoke just when DBSK is scheduled to have a concert in Taipei, Taiwan next month. When the Taiwanese concert organizer heard of this news, he gave Zhuang VIP tickets, free stay at the Wang Han Hotel, and their latest CD. Zhuang was estatic when she heard of the news, and despite her condition she managed to say Thank You. When DBSK's gets wind of this news she should also expect a visit by DBSK personally. (WHOA~ITS SO CHUN!!!!)
-Changmin's first kiss was Jaejoong (OMG!But at least it's not a girl!)
-Jaejoong has a perverted mind. (it's true!)
he reads yaoi!
-Jae umma doesn't mind if Yunho hugs him at the waist but if its someone else than he minds (got that from Yeong Shin)
-Jaejoong is a spicy lover (watch EHB and you'll see)
-Jaejoong and Yoochun are roomates

Super Junior
-Shindong released a diet video (MUST GO SEE!)
-Yesung has a crush on Moon Geun Young (TT.TT I have no chance~~!!!)
-Hankyung goes out for lunch with Jaejoong if both of them have a day off on the same day
- Henry,Kibum are afraid of heights
-Henry obsessed over lychee (adorable little boy)
-they play the weirdest games - SHOWER RACE - Siwon : 1min 30 secs and Shindong : 17 seconds (HOW THE HELL YOU DO THAT??)
- Zhou Mi's afraid of insects (SO CUTE!)
-Zhou Mi graduated from his university with a double major at age 18
-Kyuhyun cant cook (Munyee told me)
-Ryeowook,Hankyung are the chefs in Suju
-Zhou Mi participated and won many singing competitions. In 2006, Zhou Mi participated in a hosting competition held by CCTV and won first out of the top 16. But because Zhou Mi had already signed a contract with SM, he had to withdraw from the competition.
-Ryeowook had his first kiss at the age of 18 (for proof look at the bottom right after I'm done with the Suju facts. fonts would be in white)
-Eunhyuk used to like Donghae (still not sure if it's was on SuJu Mini Drama)

(translation of Hae Kang and Wookie on chunji, All talking about their fondest memories):

Donghae: For me, our first performance
Kangin: First performance...
Ryeowook: For me, my first kiss..
Kangin: How old were you when you had your first kiss?
Ryeowook: Me..? 18 years old
Kangin: With who?
Ryeowook: ..With who??.. with a girl..
Kangin: wasn't with Donghae, right..?
Donghae: Not me~~
Ryeowook: With Donghae? (In the future) I will~
Donghae: (All embarassed) KAKAHFKSFLIEFNDK!!
(The sound of holding in laughter)
Kangin: The mood between you two is strange..
Donghae: You can't be like this you stupid~! If you say that everyone will believe you~!!!
Ryeowook: (Sings "believe")
Donghae: ......
Ryeowook: (keeps singing)
Donghae: Ahh... now.. with him.. , don't let me come on radio with him anymore. I think I should cut off all connections with him...
Kangin: You mean there were 'connections' between you two??
Donghae: Nooo, only a relationship between members~ I think now we should only meet for work purposes~

having a "pig dream" is like this thing in korea which means you have good luck if you have a dream with pigs.
and like people pay other people to 'buy' their pig dreams off of them and stuff... yeah, weird.

Donghae: But... I think pig dreams don't actually come out..
Kangin: What doesn't come out?
Donghae: Like in a dream..
Kangin: No, they do~
Ryeowook: Pigs?
Donghae: I haven't had a pig come out in my dream, ever..
Kangin: A pig dream doesn't necessarily mean that a pig will come out and go "oink oink" in your dream,
if you have a good dream you just call it a pig dream.
Donghae: No~ A pig has to come out. You have to be holding the pig for it to be a REAL pig dream...
Kangin: No, that's partly right but... (Ryeo laughing crazily at Hae's stupidity in the background) Donghae sshi.. stop trying to pull off the dork concept again..
Ryeowook: SsaDaSsa.. {I'm sure everyone knows what this is by now, but SDS is a fake parody that Shindong, Donghae,
and Sungmin made off of KRY, and they joke that it stands for their initials, but also for SsaDaSsa, which means "Cheap, it's cheap" in korean}
Donghae: No, it's not being cheap, it just that...
Kangin: (Directed towards Ryeo) Who are you to say that he's cheap..
Donghae: I'm just innocently believing it.. really..
Kangin: (To Ryeo) Why are you saying that it's cheap, making people feel bad...
Donghae: (To Ryeo) You, get out~
Kangin: (To Donghae) Say something. Don't hold [your anger] in, you'll get a disease..
Ryeowook: Why are you guys being like this??
Donghae: WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Donghae: Ah... Ryeowook said he was going to marry me..
Kangin: Really?
Ryeowook: Yeah, I want to marry Donghae.
Kangin: Why?
Donghae: No, there was a question.. IF Ryeowook was a girl which one of the members would he marry, and he said me.
Kangin: Why?
Donghae: ..Why?
Ryeowook: Do I have to reveal it here?
Donghae: Reveal it.
Kangin: Say it.
Ryeowook: I really like you, Donghae sshi.
Donghae: Ah, why... no, I mean, why do you like me!
Ryeowook: Why are you like this?
Donghae: No.. it's just weird.
Ryeowook: Hyung, you don't like me?
Donghae: No, I like you but.. if I don't say it it'll be all weird.
Ryeowook: What's weird?
Donghae: For the people who are listening...
Ryeowook: I just like you, all the words that you say.. (Hae laughing like an insano in the background) the way you read some things wrong.. the way you smile like this..
Kangin: For real? Really? You have to say it right.
Ryeowook: I like it.
Kangin: You would even marry him?
Donghae: I can't do it.
Kangin: Ryeowook, Donghae said he can't do it..
Ryeowook: The problem is that I'm not a girl..
Kangin: In some countries they allow gay marriage..
Ryeowook: No, why are you being like this?!?!
Kangin: If both of you have the heart to get married, I can help you~
Ryeowook: No, I don't want to!
Kangin: Okay.......... Ryeowook is being weird... you... don't come into my room anymore.
Donghae: Ryeowook... slept in my room.
Ryeowook: Why are you like this~~~?
Donghae: He just brought his computer, and he could've just done it in his room but he came into my room and sat in my chair and used the computer. So I was like 'uh.. aren't you going to sleep?' and he was like 'Hyung, I'm going to sleep here.' So I was like 'Here?! But you have your own bed in your own room.'
Ryeowook: But there was like no one there!
Donghae/Kangin: Where?
Ryeowook: There was no one in the room~ Everyone else went home~ So........... we slept together~~
(All laughing like crazy)
Kangin: Okay, no more no more no more!

-Jonghyun has a noona
-Taemin and Minho has a hyung
-Taemin's the sensitive one (aww..)
-Taemin's afraid of insects
-Jonghyun was either a bass player or guitarist (cant remember) in his band during highschool
-Jonghyun and Taemin studied Chinese in Beijing in 2007.
-Jonghyun was featured in Zhang Li Yin's Wrongly Given Love
-Minho was in F/W Pret-a-Porter Busan Fashion Show (May 2008) and Ha SangBaek's Fashion Show, he walked down the run-way like a robot. (LOL!MY MODEL!!!)
-Minho studied Chinese in Beijing in 2006 and 2007
-Key made an appearance in Super Junior's Attack On The Pin Up Boys Movie (he looked really weird though)

F.T island (Yellow was too bright)
-they are all super tall and hot in person (I know I've seen them^ ^)
-Minhwan hasn't got his 1st kiss yet (or maybe he did by 1 of the members) and his new year's resolution is to finally get his 1st kiss (THERE'S HOPE!!!)
-Jonghun fanboys over Big Bang (WHOA!!!)
-Wonbin admires T.O.P of Big Bang (Wow. Lean must be happy)
-Jaejin stars in Unstoppable Marriage (so cute!!can die over his cute acting!!XD)
- Hongki's new year's resolution is to learn how to dance properly (ACTUALLY NONE OF THEM CAN DANCE!!XP EXCEPT WONBIN!)

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