Thursday, August 7, 2008

Dance Practice Video Spam

DBSK - Purple Line

hehe love the beginning~all of them dancing to tell me!Changmin started it!!!adorable + can see Jaejoong's body line when he's doing it!!!XD HAHA so cute!!dancing to SNSD!!adorkable!man...i'm so jealous of Jae umma for being so slim!even slimmer in black!My role model!not sure if that's considered as a pelvic thrust but they look hot doing it XD Wonder is Junsu and Eunhyuk ever learn from each other?YUNHO AND JUNSU DANCE GOD!Another pelvic thrust??Changmin!looks super long!Yoochun doesn't appear that much. . .but in the MV so hot!!and Jaejoong so slim!!!XD *envy*

Super Junior - Dancing To H.O.T's Candy

Eunhae!!!they're wearing the same clothes!!!so cliche but cute!!This one is really short.But it's so cute!!!HAHA Shindong and Eunhyuk!!!Kawaii!!

Super Junior - U

Sexy~and so synchronized!!XD I feel like I'm watching the MV!!!Heechul's long hair!!!so pretty!!!!Wookie looks really cute and pretty at the same time sexy and intense.hehe pink shirt!!Kyu!I think every solo bit he has the dance is the really sexy in Don't Don,his bit was before the hips thing.I love that bit so much XP Not sure what Yesung was wearing.So Sync!!!!PELVIC THRUST!!!Sungmin!!!He look so adorable but can pull off sexy when doing pelvic thrusts!Kibum looks really hot there!OMG kibum almost trip on Eunhyuk and starts giggling and smiling so cute!!Magnaes doing that thingy together!!Wookie and Hyunnie!XD Evrything is so sync!!!!XD LOVE IT SO MUCH!!!

SHINee - Nuna You're So Pretty (Replay)

It's not them.They're a group of students from SMJ Dance School,It's almost exactly the same as SHINee.I couldn't find theirs xp.It's really really good.Use the actual MV to compare.

will stop here for now.I'll edit it tomorrow. ^ ^

With lots of Kyu and Sung Love,
Minnie and Wookie

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