Thursday, August 20, 2009

CF: Kyuhyun,Donghae And Han Jimin - Happy Bubble CF/MV

Kyuhyun's Version

Donghae's Version

Kyuhyun, Donghae And Han Jimin - Happy Bubble CF/MV

Monday, August 10, 2009

DBSK,Suju And SHINee - Seaside Resting Area

SMTown’s summer album ‘09 SUMMER SMTOWN’ will be released coming 14th August.

After 2 years since SM Town released their last summer album in 2007, they are back to release a new summer album. This time 3 teams from SM Entertainment has participated in the album – Dong Bang Shin Ki, Super Junior and SHINee. And the title song will be ‘Seaside Resting Area’ and will altogether include 4 songs.

Other songs from the album will be ‘12.34′, a song with medium tempo, by Dong Bang Shin Ki, ‘Carnival’ by Super Junior first revealed during their Super Show II concert. Ann also powerful dance song ‘Scar’ by SHINee.

The album will be released on Melon, Dosirak, Soribada etc from 11th August. And the title song will be revealed first, then on 12th August Shinee's ‘Scar’ will be revealed, Suju's ‘Carnival’ to be revealed on 13th and DBSK's ‘12.34′ to be revealed on 14th August.

DBSK,Suju And SHINee - Seaside Resting Area


[Changmin]Aloha! This is SM Town from Korea
(Yoochun:Hello) Amigo!
[Yunho, Donghae]Bring it on now, put em shades on,
put em in your pocket dont you
wanna go girl, Gacha gacha yeah, Shaka shaka hey!

[Changmin]쏟아지는 햇살 그 사이로 핑크 비키니 아가씨
[Yoochun]아직 떠나지 말아요
[Junsu]나의 맘을 가져요

차들은 씽씽 달려 달려 (샤랄랄랄랄라)
라디온 붐붐 come on come on

[Onew]너무 지루해 Sea-side 휴게소

차들은 씽씽 달려 달려 (샤랄랄랄랄라)
라디온 붐붐 come on come on

[Hankyung]내게서 멀어져 가네

[Jaejoong]Baby! Baby! 후회는 날려 버려
[Kyuhyun]Take me, take me 태양을 즐겨
[Jonghyun]Baby! Baby! 망설일 필요 없어
[Ryewook]지금이 즐거운 인생

[Sungmin]부서지는 파도 그 너머로 빨간 석양이 내리고
[Siwon]Part-time 알바가 끝나면
[Shindong]드디어 나의 무대지

차들은 씽씽 달려 달려 (샤랄랄랄랄라)
라디온 붐붐 come on come on

[Yunho]너무 지루해 Sea-side 휴게소

차들은 씽씽 달려 달려 (샤랄랄랄랄라)
라디온 붐붐 come on come on

[Taemin]내게서 멀어져 가네
[Junsu]Baby! Baby! 후회는 날려 버려
[Ryeowook]Tell me, tell me 오늘을 즐겨
[Yesung]Baby! Baby! 망설일 필요 없어
[Onew]지금이 즐거운 인생

[Eunhyuk]미치도록 숨이 막히도록 끝없이 달려
부릉 부릉 이끌어줄 테니까
어머나 어쩌나 걱정들은 버려라
[Yoochun]Seaside, thats right,people love each other,take a ride
Hot girl, please dont take off,bring your make up,
move your hot butt, yeah <--- srsly cant believe he said that
[Key]You feel the breeze, 지금 이순간을 느껴봐
뜨거운 태양 아래 Go! Go! Go!

[Jonghyun]새까맣게 태운 얼굴 위로
[Taemin]파도가 빙빙 머리 위로 태양이 빙빙
[Onew]여름을 안은 아가씨
[Minho]나의 맘을 받아요

[SHINee]나의 맘을 받아요~ Oh! Yeah~ Hey SHINee!
여긴 Seaside 휴게소
[DBSK]나의 맘을 받아요 Hey! Summer-boy~

[Onew]누구나 오세요 누구나 즐거워

차들은 씽씽 달려 달려 (샤랄랄랄랄라)
라디온 붐붐 come on come on

[Kangin]아직 기다려 나의 여름아

차들은 씽씽 달려 달려 (샤랄랄랄랄라)
라디온 붐붐 come on come on

[Leeteuk]오늘 밤 너 하나 나 하나 추억들이 하나하나

차들은 씽씽 달려 달려 (샤랄랄랄랄라)
라디온 붐붐 come on come on

[Donghae]너무 즐거워 Sea-side 휴게소

차들은 씽씽 달려 달려 (샤랄랄랄랄라) 라디온 붐붐
come on come on 내게서 멀어져 가네

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Fan Message To DBSK

Fans from all over the world are showing their worry and support for TVXQ. They are sending letters that all say one thing: regardless of the current dispute between SM and the three members, the fans will support TVXQ no matter what and a disbandment is not something they want.

On the international UCC site 'Youtube', the video that lasts around 5 minutes showing hundreds and hundreds of letters addressed to TVXQ was uploaded on the 4th.

They expressd their feelings with shaky Korean penmanship, but also confessed their thoughts through their native tongues or English. They all had the same message of 'Forever as 5' and 'Always keep the faith.'

TVXQ's influence in the world could be seen from the people's names and the stated countries. Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines, India, Spain, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Germany, Australia, Finland, Japan, UK, USA, Peru, Brunei, France, Sri Lanka...

The multicultural fans called TVXQ various names such as 'DBSK', 'TVXQ', 'TBXQ'

Janice, a Mexican fan stated, "Whatever happens, we will always be by your side. We pray for you." Tiffany, a Peruvian fan said, "We have always been proud of you," to express the pain she was feeling over this situation. Other than this, Dara, an Indonesian fan, hoped for a always-together TVXQ by writing "5-1=0 and 5-2=0" Liana of Germany said, "Don't give up."

On Korean internet sites as well, voices of encouragement and support have been pouring out like a flood. On Agora, a "Against TVXQ's Disbandment"
petition has gained around 21,700 signatures. Fan sites are filled with posts about the fans' feelings of worry.

There have been a couple of extreme cases though. One of which read, "Maybe if we all just committ suicide, they won't disband."

It seems that it is up to the courts to decide the fate of TVXQ, no matter what the fans say. On the 4th, the three members' representative, Sejong, stated a rebuttal that attacked SM's previous statements and that said that the truth would be revealed in court and they were willing to fight for that truth. SM Entertainment has begun silencing the people in their agency from answering questions from reporters and they seem to be busy preparing their side for the case.

News On DBSK's Situation

DBSK Dispute, causing stir in music industry ; "Not Someone Else's Business"

As DBSK dispute continues downhill, the music industry has begun supervising their own. The possibility of a 2nd or 3rd DBSK dispute is causing a crisis in the music industry.

Seeing the members they once created and nurtured to be top Asian singers, now fighting with their company is a bitter sight to see for the middle management executives. However, as Xiah Junsu and other members have revealed the unjust contract conditions, some are saying that this is the time to self-exam and improve. How is the contract conditions for groups other than DBSK.

Super Junior, Girl's Generation, longest contract is 13 years

Other idol groups in SM entertainment is being targeted first. It was reported that for Super Junior, Girl's Generation, and Shinee, contracts are different for each members but the contract periods are anywhere from 5 years to 13 years.

Because some members of Super Junior and Girl's Generation have different debut years, their contract is individual.

Before Kangin became a member of Super Junior, he was a VJ for a entertainment news program. Before the release of Girl's generation album in 2007, member Sooyoung made debut in a duo 'Route Oh" in 2002 under SM Japan so she signed a contract before the other members. Because the contracts are individual, earning distributions and schedule conditions are different for each member.

One Super Junior member spoke with IS on the phone stating, "even if I want to move to another company, the remaining terms of the contract and penalty for breaching the contract is far beyond than people imagine. Because we have a lot of members in our team, we have to divide our earnings into 1/13, so we do not make much money. Up until recently, SM tried to make it our responsibility to pay for our stylist but a senior member took courage and corrected it. There are feelings in the company that if you do something that the company doesn't like, it is only your loss so even if we have complaints, we can't express it well."

It was reported that they had a meeting with each other after the DBSK dispute became a controversy.

Music producers state "they don't even know the situations"

Another artist under SM Entertainment stated with affliction, "DBSK sunbae's dispute is bitter to watch because it seems it our future is being shown. Trurthfully, there are too many things on my mind that I can't concentrate when I'm performing on stage or doing other broadcasting schedules."

For one group of singers under an entertainment company, although earning distributions are clear and there is strong confidence between the company, they signed a contract period for almost 10 years and are anxious that this might spark something in their way.

Jang Yoon jung and Park Hyun Bin also signed 10 year contract with their company and although Jewelry members have different contracts, members have been working under the same company for over 8 years. They stated that the problem is mutual distrust, not the contract period.

As the long period contracts are arising as a problem,
music industry producers respond that they don't even know what the situation is like. They stated that as singers debut younger and younger, it is becoming normal to start training elementary school kids and if companies continued to meet the demands of its artists, the company would not be able to survive.

One entertainment company president stated, "I am paying attention to how the provisional disposition will be ruled. I feel like singers do not consider the company's perspective and are only considering these situations once they have become famous. I hope this will be an opportunity to eliminate troubles between singers and companies."

Yunho And Changmin's Absence In This Case

The fact that U-Know Yunho and Choikang Changmin do not follow their 3 members to apply injunction application against SM Entertainment to suspend the exclusive contract effect has been drawing a lot of attention.

This is concerning the fact that usual popular group has term of record sale gain distribution averagely 4~5% per member which means if there’s an disadvantageous policy in the contract, that will affect relatively the entire group.

Results confirm that the two members did not participate in court because they have different perspective look of the distributing profits issue with remaining three members.

In addition,
the parent of these two also seem to be 100% satisfied with SM terms and conditions since after Choikang Changmin and Yunho debuted in a very young age, they already earned nearly 1.5 billion revenue over five years and that’s more than enough.

When the 3 members Junsu, Jaejoong, and Yoochun went to the agency for the first time in last June, the parents of Changmin and Yunho were in agreement to coordinate for the legal disputes. However, at that moment the two members parents concerned that this case would led to the destroy of TVXQ image as “Asia Star”, therefore they stood aback.

Another reason being said about Yunho and Changmin to take different position is because
they care more to their parents’ financial problems and a perspective that their future potential growth will be safer under SM.

“Changmin and Yunho become Asia top stars because SM recognized them out of many people at the first place and also SM efforts in developing them is one of the big factor, non arguably. They made their desicion considering long term activities as main priority.”

Meanwhile, the absence of Changmin and Yunho in the case has risen some radical criticism from some fans,
"Changmin and Yunho are absent from the case, it’s like a betrayal to Junsu, Jaejoong, and Yoochun.”

Yet, until now, there’s no report that states Changmin and Yunho will likely follow the step of the rest three members.

The close associates of the two members said, “Their separated position is chosen by the members themselves, but it’s been misinterpretation that there’s fight among the members. Please try to understand more in Changmin and Yunho’s perspective.”

In addition, the silence act held by TVXQ’s agency in Japan, AVEX through this case also has been being questioned by many parties. Not only SM who refused to show the exact amount of TVXQ’s income, but the Japan agency seems to act the same. It’s noted that from all these times, TVXQ members have been working diligently to serve both parties without even knowing what kind of contract they are under.

DBSK Dispute is a structural problem.

The Korean League of Singers revealed, on the 5th, that this instance showed structural problems with both SM Entertainment and DBSK members.
The secretary-general of the league went on air on radio program, "Open World Today, Lee Suk Woo" and stated that "if this situation is not solved properly, similar situations will happen repeatedly. Contract periods, earning divisions, and other unfair contract conditions must be corrected."

Lim Sang Hyun lawyer, the official lawyer for the 3 members, revealed that each member received 200,000,000 Won for their work. On the contrary, SM responded that they paid the members 11 billion won.

On this, secretary general Kim stated, "if SM did,in fact, pay 11 billion won to the members, it is still necessary to consider if it was a rational payment, if the distribution was right, and if it is an acceptable amount of payment compared to the profits made by the company. SM and DBSK is just one case; the current earning distribution structure makes it possible for the ratio of earnings to be 100 to 0 for the artist. (100 company: 0 artist). Whether it is setting minimum or maximum earning distributions, there needs to be a separate regulation for the future." The three members asserted that their contract with SM is 13 years but in reality, is a contract for life, but SM refuted that the contract complies with the recommendations for a standard contract, which was presented by the Fair Trade Commission in July.

Secretary General Kim added, "if contract periods exceed 10 years, this period is applicable to their entire musical career. In April, it was judged that the contract period can be a clause to void contract because it severely restricts an artist's moral influence as well as economic freedom. Secretary General Kim added that if a group as popular as DBSK are in such situations, the reality for nameless celebrities and trainees must be investigated. Further, he stated that this situation will have influence on mainstream music industry for the first half of the year and this opportunity should be used to examine the way the music industry functions.

In order to avoid relapse of the situation, he stated as a solution, "first of all, the ideal contract released by Fair Trade Commissions must be upheld by the music industry. The league of singers is considering plans which includes a center to aid for accusing companies for harm done or even developing a specific subordinate contract which will be attached to the official contract.

Law suit is only a law suit. Five members continue to move together.

After participating in A-Nation on the 1st, it was revealed that the 5 members of DBSK remained at their house together during their stay in Korea. A staff of DBSK revealed on the 5th that the members stayed at their Chungdam Dong house together.

The three members who filed for a provisional disposition on their contract met with their lawyer and revealed their positions on the 3rd. In this situation, it may seem likely that their relationship with the two members may become unconformable but they remained at their house, showing the team's unity.

For a while, their previously scheduled events will remain the same. The DBSK members will take part in the '2009 Fireworks Festival' and left together to Japan on the 5th. The staff revealed, "as far as I know, the members left on the 5th on the first flight to Japan. They will also take part in 'SM Town live 09' as planned."

Meanwhile, the members who are filing for the lawsuit, Youngwoong Jaejoong and Micky Yoochun is planning to participate in M-Flo's album, as well as releasing a single, attracting attention of fans. According to DBSK's official Japan website, the two members will take part in M-Flo's album, celebrating their 10th anniversary, by singing "Been so long" on the album.

Also, the duet song 'Colors Melody and Harmony' which was performed last month on the 4th and the 5th for the Tokyo Dome performance, will be released as a single on September 30th. In addition, they are planning to perform a duet song at "Boy pop factory 09" on the 20th.

The opposition of DBSK disbandment is getting stronger. On July 31st, 'DBSK Disbandment Opposition' petition began on Daum Agora and have gotten 23066 signatures so far.

It is widely know that DBSK's official fan club Cassiopeia has over 800,000 members. These fans are considering plans to hold a candelight protest in front of SM in opposition to DBSK disbandment. In response to this, SM stated that there has not been any particular actions by the fans yet.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

DBSK's Situation (Insider Story)

The future of idol group DBSK is uncertain. DBSK's 3 members (Micky YooChun, Xiah Junsu, Youngwoong Jaejoong) and SM's trouble is too deep. Although they state that there will be no disbandment, in reality, disbandment is more than likely. Even if they avoid the worst case scenario, disbandment, it feels like their departure of SM is set.

On the third, a acquaintance of the 3 members said, "
settlement with SM has been tried multiple times. But their differences couldn't be settled. The reason this went to court is because they couldn't find a point to settle." Thus, they concluded that more attempts for negotiations was useless.

The acquaintance that the reporter met is someone who has watched over DBSK very closely. He has experienced all ups and downs since debut until now. According to him, DBSK advocated for only one thing. They wanted conditions of the contract to be eased. However, it has gotten to a point where the conversations between the two parties have gone nowhere.

He stated, "they asked for the contract term and earnings distribution to be revised because everyone could tell it was irrational. They attempted to negotiate until the end but they felt that SM was avoiding them. Therefore, things got emotional for both parties and the 3 members are even more angry with SM's response."

"The truth about the 3 things that SM distorted."

After the initial reports about this incident, SM sent documents on the 1st and the 3rd. On the first, they reported that this problem was due to the makeup company investment and they will work it out. After the contract conditions were reported, they responded that members were paid 11 billion Won and were given foreign cars as presents.

In response to this, he stated, "the nature of this instance is the unfair contract, not the make up company. However, SM has not mentioned the contract conditions and have continued to use make up company issues to play with the media."

Additionally, he discussed about the 11 billion Won. He said, "
let's say SM is right and that they were paid 11 billion won for the 6 years of work. This is the pre-tax profit. After taxes were paid, and this amount is divided by 6 years, and 5 members, this is less than 200 million won per member. For the first half of this year, the profits from album sales in Japan is 2.5 billion Yen (33 billion won). However, DBSK doesn't even receive 200 million won per year."

The total number of albums released in and outside of Korea is 48. Out of these, including singles and full albums, 1.96 million copies were sold in Korea. In Japan for 4 full albums and 27 singles, 8 of those sold over 100,000 copies, and one sold over 250,000 copies. Including south-east Asia, at least 4 million albums were sold.

He also criticized abnormal methods of calculating methods. According to him, "SM requested money for back dancers and food. Basically, almost all of the expenses were paid for by DBSK." He added, "besides this, SM created a local subsidiary and divided the earnings of DBSK into pieces. For example, SM Japan and Avex divided earnings, and this was also divided with Korean SM. With complex divisions, the money for the members were reduced.

Also, he stated that the foreign cars were given to them under the company's name. "They received cars from SM after an award ceremony. However, the cars were registered in SM's name and is not owned by DBSK."

"The three members are as tired as they can get."

According to this acquaintance, the three members of DBSK are tired of SM's play with the press. They have no intention to solve this with mere words, and are extremely upset that SM is exaggerating only one side of the story, distorting the truth. He said, "they expected SM to twist words with the press but didn't realize it would be to this extent. If SM continues this method, I think it would be nearly impossible to work together with SM again. I suspect that they will part with SM and try to find a different solution to settle this.

Their departure from SM does not mean the disbandment of DBSK.
He asserts that there is no problems in relationships between all the members. They are still like family and agree that in any situations, they must work together. He said, "Truthfully, all five had the same intentions. But in the process of negotiations, there was differences between the members. That is why only 3 members decided to fight with their company. They all agree that the contract conditions are irrational, it is just that their way of handling it is different."

"DBSK will continue even after departure with SM"

Micky YooChun, Xiah Junsu, Youngwoong Jaejoong's will is stronger than ever. The acquittance reported that, "the 3 members are showing stronger wills than before debut. The three members are determined to stick together no matter what hardships come their way."

They are also determined to get back together as 5 members under the name DBSK. He revealed, "
even if the 3 members leave SM through lawsuit, this only means departure from SM. This does NOT mean the disbandment of DBSK. It may be after the 2 remaining members leave, or if they perform from 2 different companies; the 5 want to continue with DBSK."

Well then, if 3 members leave SM, would they still be able to use the name 'DBSK.' Upon researching in the Industrial Property Office, the group name 'DBSK' is not registered. SM registered for DBSK trademark in 2004 but was
denied. In other words, SM does NOT have the right to the name 'DBSK.'

According to a 'Mansung' Patent Law Firm Office, the patent attorney Hwang Sung Pil said, "Dong Bang means East and one cannot assert exclusive right to use it. Most likely, this was probably the reason why the application was denied 2004. SM cannot assert any trademark rights to the name. If the 5 members are together even away from SM, they will have no problems using the name."

More than anything, DBSK feels extremely sorry to their fans. This is why they want to go through with performances that were already scheduled. The acquaintance reported, "if they lose the lawsuit, they may have to pay an extreme amount of money for penalty. More than that, they are going through hard times thinking that they will have to be away from their fans while the lawsuit is in process."

Monday, August 3, 2009


It’s time to clear the air of this whole debacle.
A lot of speculation and panic erupted after the news of Kim Jun-su, Kim Jae-joong, and Park Yoo-chun of TVXQ filing a provision disposition to disposition to terminate the exclusive right effects on their contract with SM Entertainment on July 31st. Within the past three days, Cassiopeians have been counting their lucky stars that their precious TVXQ will not disband due to this matter. Well, three days is long enough, so on August 3rd, the three members released an official press release through Se-jong addressing everyone’s fears and clarifying any discrepancies speculated by the press.

1. During the five years after their debut, the three members were getting really tired mentally and physically because of the one-sided schedule of company.
Xiah, Hero, and Micky are the members of group TVXQ, and they made debut in 2004. They had to travel to Korea, Japan, and China, and perform their schedules by sleeping only 3~4 hours a day, except one week in a year based on their management company, SM’s instructions. Their mental and physical health conditions were getting worse due to the exhausting schedules, but SM tried to enter them into the market abroad and made unreasonable one-sided schedules. Finally, the three members realized that they cannot achieve what they want as artists in SM, as they would be used as just tools to make profit of SM.

2. The period of 13 years actually means whole life contract.
According to their contract, the contract period is 13 years, which would amount to more than 15 years, as the thirteen years do not apply to the time in compulsory military service. That means there is more than 10 years remaining on their current contract, which would essentially mean until their retirement. Also if they break the contract, they would be required to pay more than three times the total investment, or two times the lost profit. Even under the possibility of canceling the contract with the mutual agreement of SM, TVXQ would be required to pay the penalty. In other words, it was actually be impossible to break the contract due to the millions of won involved, so they have no choice but to stay with SM.

3. The members never got the appropriate level of treatment for the amount of effort that they put in.
Not only did the members not receive a deposit; according to the initial contract for album profit allotment, only when an album sold 500,000 copies in one day, could they get $10,000 per member, and when albums sold less than 500,000 copies, the members could not receive any earnings. This was changed on February 6, 2009, yet the amount of money the members receive from the albums is still only 0.4%~1% per person, depending on the album sales.

4. The members requested changes to inappropriate contract points several times, but SM did not care.
In this situation, the three members requested revision be made on their current inappropriate contract several times, but SM focuses on the concern over their cosmetic line business that completely sidesteps the core of the issue. Nevertheless, the three members wish to find a way to smooth over the problem by requesting a conversation with SM, but SM did not answer it. Also, based on the attitude they showed us, they have realized they cannot solve this problem by simply settling in a conference, and finally decided to take legal action.

5. The cosmetic line investment is not related to their entertainment activities, nor does it have anything to do with this situation. The true essence of this situation would be the inappropriate contract.
SM made a public announcement that the members made provisional disposition due to the cosmetic line investment, but the investment has nothing with this situation. The cosmetic line investment that SM is referring to is the investment the three members made when they were entering the market in China, and it is a financial investment that has no correlation with their entertainment activities. It does not make any sense that the members would make a provisional disposition and put everything they achieved as TVXQ at stake just to invest 100 thousand dollars in a beauty line. The main concern that the members want to focus on is their inappropriate contract terms, and SM should cease using their beauty line investment to distract from the central issue.

6. The members do not want to disband TVXQ and just want to free themselves from unreasonable contract restraints.
Many fans are worried about the possible disbanding of TVXQ due to this situation. However, making this provisional disposition does not signal the end of TVXQ. Now, three members are participating in the lawsuit due to a difference of ideas regarding how to approach this situation, but there is no problem between the members. Nothing has changed and they wish to keep the promise they made to their fans that they would stay united as one. If this situation is resolved according and the unreasonable clauses are lifted from their contract, they will be free to be one in front of their fans.

7. We think of this as another chance to mature.
We are sorry to the fans that care about TVXQ so much who may be shocked and dismayed with our actions, but if you think of this as just another chance for us to expand as artists and maintain you support in us, we will promise to compensate you with a more mature TVXQ.

So calm down, Cassies, the boys have got your back as long as you got theirs. SM Entertainment would be utterly stupid to let their biggest money maker leave them, or end this media battle by looking like the bad guy that operates on slave contracts.