Saturday, August 9, 2008

Super Junior Video Spam (Including Subgroups)

I wish I was there!!!They gave away free hugs!!!Lean - Wookie gave a hug to a fan. Poor Donghae a fan started crying and he didn't know what to do.Poor boy.Kangin. . .such a player. . . Haha ^ ^

Haha~ Eunhyuk wanted a harder job but didn't want Siwon's. Siwon shouldn't be washing the toilets!He's too nice!!! Eli - Hankyung would be a good husband - can cook,clean and do the sexy pelvic thrust for you =p The game/dance was so cute Hankyung and Eunhyuk!

Who would have guessed that Heechul would be a good father?Proud of Heechul!!!Poor Eunhyuk he made the baby cry. Eunhae destined to be together.LOL. Heechul made the baby stop crying~ Haha Eunhyuk's baby got replaced with a soft toy.LOL. So cute the baby clapped after Heechul ended his speech thing. ^ ^ Lol with that kind of talk we know it's still Heechul ^ ^

LOL~ What's Henry doing???Siwon being the nice guy he is. And his famous hand gestures appear during the talk. Wookie got pushed out by Hankyung. . .

Henry and his Lychees.Fans know what to get for him!He was so cute *Lean did not hear that!Shh!* LOL its so cute when he blinks really really fast trying to remember the words!!When he finally remembers he's so proud of himself.Adorable! When the host is talking to Hankyung suddenly "Lychee" LOL Henry!The adorable magnae!Lychee addict! Mimi looks chubbier with short hair! Same condition as Kangin.Henry's english!

LOL! Siwon wanted to leave!and those fans outside are more than 200 to 300!!!I LUV THE LAST BIT!SPEAKING THAI!!Hankyung looks like he was blushing!AHAHA They're all so cute and embarrassed!! Zhou Mi!!!!OMG!!! XD XD The tiny paper in his pocket! KYUMI! Kyu!!!!! He said that line during Pataya only it was "I love you silly baby" XD XD The 1st time i read the next pharse he said I thought it read "I love the guys the most" AHAHA totally misread!! his smile~~~ ^ ^ Siwon and his romantic words <3 *Brenda didn't hear that!Shh!* Henry made a mistake again!!!so Cute!! Henwon moment!!! *fangirls* They had a piece of paper with Thai phrases!!!AHAHA SO CUTE!!! XD

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