Saturday, August 23, 2008

Siwon has a Youtube account!!! XD

Members of Super Junior's Official Fan Club ELF and other Community Groups supporting the heart throbs are joining Choi Si Won's Youtube account "". The fans couldn't believe it that the busy guy actually made his own account on the largest video site in the world.

According to a Mandarin newspaper, the Youtube account was "originally made by Henry Lau, a member of Super Junior's sub-unit Super Junior-M who that time reading mails on the net from his family back in Toronto during their very few extra time preparing for the SM Town Live 08. Siwon jokingly asked him to teach him use Youtube. The violin lover responsed accordingly into making a funny account name for his Hyung. Unfortunately, it has fallen into unvisited Youtube account since they think it would be a risk to make one. But the account has been significantly talked about over a few days now since Siwon himself told the audience about that account and stated that it was made a week ago and thinks that it is a good way of reaching out fans by watching their videos but he said that he can hardly log in due to his busy schedule and his limited English.


Minnie/Wookie Comments:
Go Henry!!!I went to his channel it is his!OMG LOL BRENDA YOU MUST BE HAPPY!and LEAN'S SIWON'S FAN AS WELL!!!LOL

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