Sunday, August 24, 2008

These antis....

From ELF Blog:

Perhaps we are not in the position to react and this might give a wrong impression to others but as a respect to Super Junior and TVXQ, I would like to speak in behalf of Super Junior and TVXQ fans.

There have been offensive words from the anti Super Junior and TVXQ that Cassiopeia and ELF tried to ignore. An outrageous video on Youtube abusing Lee Dong Hae and Jung Yun Ho's names verbally made us end our patience.

A Youtube user named "hate0donghae040ever" posted a video of TVXQ with fake subtitles claiming to be Yun Ho and telling that Dong Hae raped their friend.

I checked out the video myself and saw how defame that video is for attacking the reputation of Dong Hae and Yun Ho. He must be really insane for the time he wasted to make a video out of hate.

I would like to ask each and everyone of you reading this right now who support Super Junior and TVXQ to HELP stop that Youtube user by selecting "Flag As Inappropriate" below the video "Yunho's Youtube Account" uploaded by the anti Super Junior and TVXQ

By doing so, that user will be suspended and the video will totally be deleted. You can only "Flag" by logging in. I really appreciate all the love and respect you have for Super Junior and TVXQ.

Minnie/Wookie Comments:
The video was stupid really retarded...

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