Thursday, August 28, 2008

Being teased on the whole day?

Lean do you remember?
Minnie:Say Hi (while pointing at Wall.E)
Lean:(she thought it was someone) Hi! (finally found out) =.=Lean and Eli (she really did loose weight over the summer)
Chea! He was sitting beside me.
Andrew and Lean LOL mianhae umma but you guys rly do look like a couple! LOL wish i took a photo of Lean and her attempt of helping Andrew and his eating problems LOL the whole kind of shake the head to chew ahaha
OUR FOOD~~feel like eating again...

Lol.After a long time of spazzing...this is actually going to be a 'normal'post =p Ah~~~ finally went out again after a super long time of being stuck at home. Andrew,Chea,Eli,Lean and I went to THE GARDENS *cheering.LOL*

We finally met Chea!!Yay!!(I seriously dunno what to type here....I suck...)Andrew!CANT BELIVE YOU GOT BRACES AND CONTACTS!!'ve gotten blur-er over the summers...=.= seriously...n you have no sense in direction!LOL Lean *glares* I'm gonna kill you next week. . .andrew~~WE NEED TO GET YOU AND LEAN A GUY AND A GIRL!

We had lunch at 'Gogung' happy it was teasing privilege for a day...haiz...oh well...LOL Lean's method of making Andrew eat LOL AHAHA can die of laughter because of that.Poor Lean the whole way you have to start the convo lol. Chea so sorry you had to put up with them!They are just very random people in my life LOL =p and don't speak such complicated Korean phrases!!I don't understand!!! Eli...I cant believe you thought me and Chea were dating then while waiting for class you keep asking me if I like him and say "you look like you like him you know" haiz...the horrible fact of being the eternal magnae...ugh...wonder how Ryeowook/Kibum/Kyuhyun/Henry tahan...

We watched Wall.E too!!Seating arrangement(Lean's idea) from the side Andrew,Leandra,Chea,MeEli!I can't believe you cried at the end of the movie where Wall.E lost his memories!!!I wanted to sleep in the movie since I already watched it before all of them ^ ^ but...there were two rows of little kids behind us and diagonally beside sleepy... oh well at least I had fun with them ^ ^ (i'm so lame...haiz)

At night...Lean and Hyein were plotting on how they're going to get me and Chea together....haiz these people...nothing to say to you guys...even my brother,MY BROTHER thought I was going out with Chea...haiz...*goes and find Brenda and Munyee*


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