Friday, August 1, 2008

Hankyung A Possible Lead For Another Drama

A new CCTV drama has been announced. This time the male lead will be decided based on how many votes he gets from netizens.

Out of the 12 candidates, Han Geng currently has the highest chance of wining by being obtaining the most votes, 37.85%, 8012 votes.

The new drama entitled "Fit Love" is a sequel to 2007's "Call For Love" a popular drama in Mainland China.

Here’s what the article on CCTV International said:
“Call for Love”, is a film about one man and twelve women. It was a sensation at New Year in 2006. Monday, its sequel and opposite, “Fit Lover” was announced. The film, will tell the stories of one woman and twelve men.

“Fit Lover” will be directed by Zhang Yajian, the same director who did “Call for Love”. The screenplay for “Fit Lover” was written by two women, Su Huan and Yi Nengjing.

At the press conference, Monday, five actresses from “Call for Love”, convened again. The conference brought together Yi Nengjing, Ning Jing, Shen Xing, Bai Bing and Jiang Hongbo.

The film starts shooting in August. The lead actress has been cast, but producers are keeping her name secret. The twelve actors, however, will be cast by way of an Internet poll. A-list stars from which film fans must choose, include Hu Jun, Tong Dawei, Wen Zhang and Huang Xiaoming.


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