Saturday, August 16, 2008

History Of SNSD Repeats At SM Live Concert Tour 08

The first ever SM Live Concert Tour kicked off recently in Thailand. Even before the show has started SM had specifically expressed his concern for the silent treatment on SNSD and how he wishes to prevent such event from happening again.

His idea at the time was to divide up Soshified members. Unfortunatly it seems his method did not turn out the same way he has hoped.
Instead of the silent treatment, SNSD received the Light Out Treatment which this time around means turning off all the lights and glowsticks when the girls are done performing.

SNSD Fancam:
(The end of this vid also shows how empty the stadium was that day/night)


SHINee Fancam:

However this kind of treatment is different from what happened at the Dream Concert. This time around it is not Fanclubs coming together to anti SNSD but instead it is a result if not enough audience. Pictures of the crowds have been taken by witnesses, showing numerous empty seats at the concert. In conclusion Soshified claimed SNSD did not get anti at the concert but instead the Light Out resulted it from Soshified fans unable to attend the concert all the way in Thailand.


Btw when i saw the photos of the audience there were so many seats empty and when SNSD performed same thing happened during dream concert.Hope it stops soon.


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