Friday, August 8, 2008

Fierce Battle Between The Idol Groups??

If the earlier half of 2008 in the music industry was dominated by Kim Dong Ryul, Brown Eyes, Seotaiji, Lee Hyori, Uhm Jung Hwa, Seo In Young, etc, the latter half of 2008 would belong to idol groups. DBSK, SS501, So Nyeo Shi Dae, Big Bang, Shinee, Wonder Girls, etc are all making their comebacks in the coming months. Especially when October arrives, all the idol groups would be starting their promotions at the same time which should lead to an exciting battle.

Wonder Girls will be returning with their 2nd studio album in September and have completed the recordings under the tutelage of their mentor Park Jin Young who made a secret return to Korea not long ago. They are now training hard for their new album image concept. So Nyeo Shi Dae are also preparing for their comeback with their second album in October. Each member have been embarking on solo projects since they stopped their group activities in January.

DBSK and SS501 who have been busy in Japan will also release their new albums in the coming months. Since their “O! Jung Ban Hub” album in 2006, it has been almost two years since DBSK has had any album promotional activities in Korea. They will soon meet their fans at “SMTown Live 08″ concert on 15th August. SS501 has not forgotten about their Korean fans while making inroads overseas having released “Deja Vu” single and special album “Find” in the earlier half of 2008. They will release their studio album in October and begin their promotions officially. Big Bang has already make their comeback yesterday with their “Stand Up” mini album and it looks to be a hit already with fans. Meanwhile, Shinee, JYP’s 2AM/2PM and Kara will also make their respective comebacks in the coming months with new works.


WHOA!CANT WAIT FOR DBSK'S COMEBACK!!! *fangirls over them* XD XD SHINee!!Lean you must be happy!hopefully new mv - and you can see your Key.NEXT FEW MONTHS --- INTENSE BATTLE

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