Wednesday, August 20, 2008

SHINee plagiarized?

SM seems to running out of money or ideas because he decided to plagiarize for SHINee's first album.

SHINee will release their title song "You're Like My Oxygen" on Aug. 22, ahead of the official release for their first full album. But this title song was jacked from Denmark's star singer, Martin Hoberg Hedegaard, a 15 year old boy who won 1st place in Denmark's X-Factor show (similar to American Idol). SHINee's plagiarized song is their own take on Hedegaard's hit song "Show the World", which boasts a disco/punk beat and black rhythms.

SHINee already performed their title song "You're Like My Oxygen" at the SM TOWN '08 concert. But check out Denmark's Martin Hedegaard's orginal "Show the World" that displays his unique vocals


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