Tuesday, October 14, 2008


U/TWINS album Japan Ranked 4th in Daily Oricon Chart

U/TWINS album Japan Ranked 8th in Weely Oricon Chart

( This make history as the 1st ever Korean Album to rank in top 10)

Super Show Album Taiwan Ranked 1st

Super Junior-H Cooking Cooking Album Taiwan Ranked 1st (wow, taiwanese LOVE the boys!)

(On Combo chart they ranked #2 & #4, making history once again being the FIRST korean boyband to hit #2 spot.)

Han Geng has officially started filming for his new drama "Stage of Youth."

Super Junior recently arrived in Japan. They will be releasing their new Marry U Japanese Single in November, so it is assumed they are in Japan for contract signing and fan meeting. 11 of the 13 members were in Japan yesterday. Ki Bum and Han Geng were absent due to their drama activities.

Si Won and Kyu Hyun were also recently seen in Thailand. Rumors has it they will be the new spokesmen for 12+ CF. This will me Si Won's third time filming a CF for 12+.

2008 Nong Shim Love Concert

If you share your love, the world will shine brighter.

When: 2008-11-09 at 4 PM (Line up to get in)
Where: Seoul Olympic Stadium
Performers: TVXQ, Brown Eyed Girls, SNSD, SHINee, Wonder Girls, Seeya, FT Island (Artist list is subject to change)

You must have an admission ticket and two bags of ramen to gain entry to the concert. All collected bags of ramen will be donated to the Red Cross Association for those in need.

This event is on a first come first serve basis, and is limited to a certain amount of seats. If you cannot gain entry into the concert, your ramen will not be returned. We are collecting the ramen for a good cause.

Admission tickets may be downloaded

Hottracks DBSK Fourth Album Fansigning on the 19th

Korea's hot boyband, DBSK, will be holding a fansigning on the 19th of October in Hottracks. For informations below:

When: 10-19-08, Sunday, at 6:30 PM
Location: Hottracks Store (Mokdong Branch)
How to enter: 750 winners will be drawn from those who purchase TVXQ’s fourth album between 10-13 to 10-16.
Winners Notification: 10-18 after 12 PM on www.hottracks.co.kr
Winners: Winners must bring their identification with them on 10-19 at 9:30 AM

Note: Each TVXQ member will have 150 people. Winners who lose their number will not be able to participate. Each CD a person purchases enters them into the drawing. CDs purchased for this fansigning may not be exchanged or returned. This event may be canceled or postponed at any time.

'08 Seoul Hallyu Festival - Asia Aid Concert

With “Hi Seoul! Hi Hallyu!” as the motto, and “Korea and Asia’s Embrace” as the theme, Seoul will be holding a concert where Korea’s superstars showcase their culture and music for fans in Asia and all over the world.

Seoul Hallyu Festival Activities:

When: 10-24-08 at 8 PM
Where: Jamsil Indoor Gymnasium
Performers: TVXQ, SG Wannabe, SS501, etc.

When: 10-25-08 at 7 PM
Where: Jamsil’s Stadium Special Stage
Performers: Lee Junki, Super Junior Happy, Lee Minwoo, FT Island, Jang Nara, etc.

3. HALLYU STAR FANMEETING (Imperial Palace Hotel)
John Hoon 10-25-08 at 11:00 AM to 1:00 PM
Lee Minwoo 10-26-08 at 11:00 AM to 1:00 PM


Han Sungju + DBSK’s Youngwoong Jaejoong hope for a fake marriage “We got remarried”

Han Sungju said out that she wanted to have a pretend marriage with DBSK’s Youngwoong Jaejoong.

On KBS 2TV ‘Happy Together Season 3’ with aired the 9th, Han Sungju, Seol Woondo, and DBSK’s Youngwoong Jaejoong, Micky Yoochun, and Uknow Yunho guest stared.

Han Sungju was nicknamed as the female ‘Lee Hwijae’ and to try to explain by saying “Lee Hwijae sshi has appeared on ‘We got married’ and I wanted to be on that program so that’s why I said ‘Let’s get married.’”.

Following that when she was asked what star she would want to be coupled with on ‘We Got Married’, she picked Youngwoong Jaejoong. Then Jaejoong added “They would have to change the program name to ‘We got Remarried’ then…”.

Shindong Confesses "I Didn't Lose 16kg"

Recently, Shin Dong wrote a topic about his weight loss on his minihompy stating, “The statement that was released has made me think very hard.”

“The statement saying that I have lost 16kg within one month is not true,” stated Shin Dong. “The diet has gone over 3 months. When the statement was made, about 10kg was lost. The statement was made probably around the second month” and he also revealed that he appeared, “slender because of the angles of the selca pictures.”

Shin Dong revealed truthfully that he started his diet weighing in at 103kg, but he still has a while to go therefore he won’t reveal his current weight.


Yunho's Ideal Girl

Like many healthy males who watched the movie, “My Sassy Girl” starring Jun Ji-hyun, Yoonho of Dong-bang-shin-ki (DBSK) reveals his mere mortal tastes.

On the Mnet program, “My Favorite” on October 13th, Yoonho confessed that he has watched the flick “My Sassy Girl” at least a hundred times. The DBSK member is captivated by the character’s tough girl attitude that is hiding a gentle soul. Also, the long sleek black hair makes him weak at the knees.


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