Wednesday, October 8, 2008

SHINee's Minho Works André Kim

This must be Minho’s (17) year, because the youngin is having another go at the catwalk stage. The seasoned popstar model was the youngest out of the lot and selected by André Kim as his main model for an upcoming fashion show.

With other accomplishments as the main model for Ha Sang Baek (in March’07) and Pret-a-Porter Busan (in May’07), we can at least forward to something from André Kim’s over-the-top wedding garb.

Minho will strut André Kim’s stage come October 16th, at the Sheraton Walker Hill Hotel (7pm Seoul Time). Prior to his modeling stint, this busy SHINee boy is also going to be seen on the 9th at the M.Net M! Countdown and on the 10th at KBS’ Music Bank.


Minnie/Wookie Comments
O.O O.O MINHO!!!XD XD XD XD ^_^ SO HAPPY!!!XD XD XD Minho~ Minho~ Minho~

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