Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Actress Han Hyo Joo is slated to play in the upcoming drama “Heaven’s Postman“, which is a joint collaboration between Korea and Japan and will be working with Hero JaeJoong of Dong Bang Shin Ki. The scriptwriting of “Heaven’s Postman” will be undertaken by Japanese screenwriter Eriko Kitagawa, who also wrote “Long Vacation” and “Beautiful Life”. The director will be Lee Hyeong Min, who directed “Sorry I Love You” and “Snow Queen”.

This is the first time the two renowned writer and director will be collaborating together. As the male lead Hero JaeJoong enjoys a very high popularity in both South Korea and Japan, the drama has already attracted much attention since its preparatory stage. With the addition of Han Hyo Joo, who the Japanese viewers got to know from the drama “Spring Waltz”, the Japanese viewers are already eagerly waiting for the drama to air.

Hero JaeJoong plays as a postman who delivers letters for those who had passed away while Han Hyo Joo plays as his lover.
“Heaven’s Postman” is scheduled to begin filming in early November and both Hero JaeJoong and Han Hyo Joo are currently familiarizing with the script.

SHINee's Repackage Album 'Amigo' to be released on the 30th

SHINee is coming back with their 1st album repackage album 'Amigo.'
The repackage album is being released on the 30th and there will be total of 15 songs consisting of songs from their 1st album & 3 new songs 'Amigo; If you love a beauty you will suffer', 'Forever or Never' and 'Love Should Go On (Plugged by DJ Oneshot)'.

The new song SHINee is showing after Love Like Oxygen, Amigo is a shorten version of 'If you love a beauty you will suffer.' It means friend in Spanish and hit songwriter Yoo YoungJin wrote the lyrics and America's popular publishing company Xperimental Music produced it.

With a groovy arrangement & powerful melody, this song will be available on the 24th starting at 10PM on various online music sites such as Melon, Doshirak, CyWorld etc...

'Forever or Never' is simple but has powerful rhythm with heavy voices and in return for the fans support, SHINee included a remix song of Love Should Go On with Minho and Key's rap. It has become trendy and has a new atmosphere.
SHINee will perform their 1st album repackage album title song 'Amigo; If you love a beauty you will suffer' on the 26th at SBS Inkigayo and start their activities.

SNSD's leader Taeyeon Hospitalized
TaeYeon, member of SNSD was sent to hospital yesterday (20.10.08). The Report said that, her sore throat got worse as she had to go to hospital. So, in that night, she can’t work in her radio with KangIn and SooYoung replaced her in that night.

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Fan Translation:I watched a little bit of today’s (tuesday) chinchin to hear what they had to say regarding taeyeon being sick:

sooyoung substituted for taeyeon and on the opening ment, kangin asked sooyoung how taeyeon was doing and sooyoung replied that “compared to yesterday, taeyeon is doing much better. many of you are worrying so much, but her condition is not that bad so please don’t worry too much. since you all are supporting and encouraging her, she is getting strengthened and feeling better and she will return here very soon.”

apparently, sooyoung was the dj for monday’s chinchin as well, which wasn’t bora (viewable radio). kangin mentioned that she looked pretty today and sooyoung said she had to come to yesterday’s radio in a hurry and didn’t get to look pretty but today since it was bora, she came dressed nicely and spent an hour putting on makeup (also because son hoyoung was the guest lol)

it was funny to see sooyoung and kangin djing together because they couldn’t match together that well.. there were lots of times where sooyoung was caught off guard, which is rare because sooyoung usually is the most well-speeched in the group. at one point kangin even said “it’s different than djing with sungmin isnt it?” and sooyoung laughed it off and gave him a look lol. she spent alot of the time with son hoyoung saying “wow” “whoa” and squealing at whatever he was saying lol
she held up this sign to the camera that says “don’t worry about taeyeon. so one <3>

Tablo and 'Your Pieces' Tablo (28) ’s new novel ‘Your Pieces’ has received overwhelming responses from fans.

It was reported that online reservation sales which took place from 15th October, and the book went up 10 positions on sales chart, and it was at #1 spot in the 2 days span from 18th-19th October.

Some of the reasons for such good response for the book are that Tablo graduated from Stanford University, and is one who has special perspection of the things he sees and hears.

Tablo revealed that he wrote stories from 1998 to 2001 when he was in the university and during his spare time. The stories are set in New York and features a cast diverse characters in the stories.

Of the 250 pages thick novel, there will be a collection of 10 short stories. Some of the stories include:

‘Strawberry feels forever’, ‘Rest, Mouse’, ‘The wall of our world’, ‘Matchbox’, ‘Coup De Grace’, ‘Hatred Crime’, ‘Victory’s glass’, ‘Andante’

Minnie/Wookie Comments
Aww...why couldn't Jaejoong be gay with Yunho in the play?? T.T Taeyeon get well soon!!hwaiting!

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