Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Kangin And Heechul Has A New Show On Mnet

Mnet's Love Fighter, hosted by Super Junior Leeteuk has recently ended but Super Junior fans should not worry because Kangin and Heechul will be appearing in a brand new show for Mnet.

Band of Brothers, also co-staring the Trax Member Xmas and Typhoon, will be aring on October 25th at 11 pm.

It has been years since The Trax has been active in Korea, and this show will help mark their comeback.

DBSK On Oricon Chart Number 1

Korea’s 5-man group THSK’s 24th single 「呪文-MIROTIC-」 sold 71k it’s first week of release and topped the single rankings. Continuing from the singles THSK released: January’s 「Purple Line」, April’s 「Beautiful you/千年恋歌」, and July’s 「どうして君を好きになってしまったんだろう?」, this is their 4th #1 and have overtaken SMAP, Arashi, and NEWS’s number of 3 releases this year.

Also from that, the record of number of topping singles by a foreign artist they achieved with their last release 「どうして君を好きになってしまったんだろう?」 was updated to 4. They have widened the difference from 2nd place holder Ouyan Fifi/欧陽菲菲 (2 works).



MINHO!!!!!XD XD XD actually when i first saw the photos i thought he looked quite bad but...man he looks hot when he's walking the catwalk!!!XD XD wished he said taemin cheered him on most that would be adorable!!!XD she is one lucky girl......... T.T T.T T.T *crying my heart out* SHE'S SO LUCKY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHY THE KISS ON THE FOREHEAD?????!!!!!!grr............ :) surprisingly he's talking a lot! X)

People who might be Minho fans or want his modeling photos....

Colourful Sensibility Part 2 Photos XD

Hongki looks so~~~~~~~~hot and sexy~~~~!!!!!Gorgeous Minhwan!!!!!XD XD XD

Kyuhyun,Siwon And Teoy (I Think That's Her Name) In 12+

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