Monday, October 20, 2008

Lee Hongki “The noona that was 2 years old than me who I met in my 1st year of high school was my first love”

FT Island’s Lee Hongki revealed about his his first love.

Lee Hongki appeared on the latest episode of Mnet’s ‘추적 X-보이프랜드 시즌2′(Pursuiting X-Boyfriend Season 2) and confessed that “My first love was a noona that was older than me by 2 years”.

Lee Hongki who was listening to the younger man, older woman couple problem, he let out that “My first love was a year 3 noona who I met when I was in year 1.” He revealed that “It wasn’t a student and workrelated relationship but a student to student relationship so their wasn’t any problems. But sometimes you’d think that they say that you’re too young.”.

Lee Hongki revealed that he was violent and even cheated on his ex-girlfriend and he deeply regrets it. He told the 2nd person “Don’t ever resort to violence. If you do, whenever she doesn’t listen to you or does something you don’t like, you will end up being violent again.” This episode aired at 11 PM on the 17th.

SHINee MinHo to also model for Ha Sang Baek

SHINee member MinHo, who recently walked the runway for Andre Kim’s fashion show, has clinched yet another modeling deal. He will be modeling for Ha Sang Baek designer fashion show.
A SM Entertainment representative said, “SHINee MinHo will be at Seoul SETEC on 24th October modeling for ‘Seoul Collection S/S 09′ Ha Sang Baek fashion show.”

MinHo has also expressed excitement to be modeling for Ha Sang Baek after Andre Kim.

Korean male stars who are prettier than girls?

Who was the winner? This UCC video was uploaded onto the internet and it is grabbing a lot of attention.

This UCC video introduced the 5 top stars that have pretty than women appearance.
5th was Dong Bang Shinki’s Youngwoon Jaejoong with this pretty eyes and pale white skin.
Following him in 4th place was FT Island’s Lee Hongki with his pale clear skin and his cute eye smile.
Lee Junki was got famous from King and the Clown was 3rd place.
2nd place was Super Junior’s Kim Heechul
The greatly expected #1 was Kim Hyesung who recieved a lot of love from his ‘Pretty boy’ image.

Netizens who saw the video said “If they really wanted, so many of them could be much prettier than girls. I’m envious.”, “If I said that they were prettier than my girlfriend, I’d get in trouble right?”, “But men need to have a manly feeling to be charming”. There were a variety of more responses.

Shindong’s mistake “Coffee’s One cup of Jadu (Plum)?”

Because of Shindong’s mistake, there have been a flood of responses from netizens.

Shindong who hosts MBC’s FM ‘Shindong, Kim Shinyoung’s Shim Shim Tapa’, mistakingly introduced ‘자두(Jadu’s)’ ‘커피한잔(One cup of coffee)’ as ‘커피(Coffee’s)’ ‘One cup of Jadu(plum)’.

The listeners of the show that were listening at the time posted encouraging messages sayings that Shindong’s mistake was very funny.

Immediately after the programs end, on the message board, they expressed their reactions saying “The fact that he couldn’t realize his mistake until the end was very cute”, “I think he made the mistake since he couldn’t check the script correctly because he has so many different things to do in his schedule.”, “Oppa, stay strong. 화이팅(Fighting)”

For 2 bags of Shin ramen, you can see the Wonder Girls and DBSK for free?
Nongshim Co. said yesterday it is holding a charity event featuring about 20 popular artists and singing groups next month to help young children.

The country’s leading maker of instant noodles, or ramyeon, said anyone willing to donate two of its household noodle packages — Shin Ramyeon — can attend the massive concert without any extra cost.
Nongshim said it will donate 1,000 boxes of instant noodles along with the noodle contributions made by the public to the Korea National Red Cross. The Red Cross in turn will share the donations to various community chests.

The concert will take place on Nov. 9 at 4 p.m. at the Olympic Stadium in Jamshil.

Some of the pop groups to take the stage are Wonder Girls and [Girls'] Generation.

Those interested in attending the concert will need to register for an entry pass through Nongshim’s home page — Those who want a VIP seat can take part in a raffle by registering through the
event’s blog site.

S.M. Entertainment USA Weekly Auditions

Starting October 25, a weekly audition is held at SM Entertainment USA every Saturday 3pm-7pm (applications will be accepted until 7pm). Anyone can apply to the audition regardless or nationality, age, or gender and you don’t need to do anything else beforehand. Just show up!

Date & Time: Every Saturday at 3pm-7pm

Location: 4322 Wilshire Blvd Suite 300, Los Angeles, CA 90010
For more information,
visit the SM Audition site. If you are not able to attend weekly auditions, you may send the application via e-mail/mail (more details).

‘Show! Music Core’ Rain, TVXQ, Son Ho Young, Epik High - Return Of The Stars!
On October 18th, MBC ‘Show! Music Core’ awaits the return of world star, Rain, TVXQ, Son Ho Young and Epik High.

Rain leads the stage launching with performances of ‘Rainism + Love Story’ from his 5th album. And taking the MBC program stage for the first time, Dong Bang Shin Gi makes their comeback with ‘Spell (MIROTIC) and ‘Hey.’

And transforming from a ’smile angel’ into a fierce man, Son Ho Young makes his come back with ‘I Know,’ as well as hip hop group, Epik High who come back together for ‘1 Minute 1 Second.’

Also appearing on the broadcast are Wonder Girls, SeeYa, Brown Eyed Girls, Son Dambi, MC The Max, 2AM, H-Eugene, YMGA (Feat. Uhm Jung Hwa), Lee Hyun Ji, SMASH and Party Cats.

FT Island's New Track

FT Island has a new track for their upcomig “Colorful Sensibility Part 2″.

This fresh track which was unveiled with the album on the 17th, sounds a little different from F.T Island’s usual sound.

“내 오랜 그녀와 해야 할 일” is set to be the dark horse to hits off their latest album with it’s retro vibes.

(MAN they look hot @w@)


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