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News Wrap Up

Xiah Junsu's Iple Update

On the October 13th, Jaejoong and Yoochun left their messages on Iple. This time, it's Xiah Junsu's turn.
Hello All,
I’m xiah Junsu who at last leaving my message.
Actually i feel sorry for you all (* note: for leaving his message so late ). To tell you the truth is, you all know that usually the owner will show up in the last minute of the stage right?! Hahaha, Im sorry, just to let you know.

I heard that JaeJoong hyung even left you 2 messages already. This time i need to catch up…kkk..

First, at this very moment, the things that i want to tell you is I
 deeply thank you now who is reading this message. Recently everyday i feel so grateful..touched..^^ Don't you all feel the same way too?

Missing the Korean stage for one year seven months, I've alw
ays wanted to listen your cheering voices..And lately, each time we’re on stage, i feel that once again.^^ Thinking about the time before the album was released, i ever told the members like this. “Our own Market sales in Korea is getting smaller and smaller “..i even felt scared about this. If we’re in Good luck, if our new album sales is more than 200 thousand copies, then i can be happy..but when it was released, everything seemed to be true. No, i felt more love which i really wanted to present this happy heart to all of you.

No matter how small the sales market is, but for singers (the most important thing) is always ALBUM.^^ Lately i really feel happiness in my life, every 
minute, every second, every moment, thanks to all of you who made this happen. Things that needed to be done are still a lot to go, for better happiness, we still need more hard work to be better..

I deeply feel your love at this very moment and i thank you.. For this kind of feeling, once again i sincerely thank you all ^^ Congrats ^^

Waa..Though i use the Eagle typing method, but seems that my writings are quite alot.. (* Eagle typing method is typing the letter one by one, even search for the letter, not facing the computer display and just like a person who just begin to learn typing.)
I’m So confident with this kind of typing because my eagle typing method is the fastest. haha^^ Mr.T who stands next to me also was quite surprised to see me typing like that.

Although an Eagle, but quite a quick and you cant see my hands, hahaha~~~!!! How could my mood so UP today? hahahaha~~ Recently the weather is getting cold, everyone please beware of catching cold…

Later we will have a lot of activities, see you on the stage perfo
rmance!! With great looking cassies, LOVE YOU^^

Today i with my long-time-no-see’s BEST FRIEND~ Eun Hyuk took a picture for all of you..

DBSK and Suju Audition For SBS's New Drama "Learning God"

“Learning God,” a new drama on SBS, has raised much curiosity about who will be cast.
FT Island’s Lee Hong Ki is thought to be the most likely main character, but seeing as the main character has not been revealed even now, there are rumours of TVXQ, SJ, FT Island, SS501, and such singers auditioning. “Learning God’s” producer said in a phone interview the other day, “We’re in the process of auditioning people, and we plan to cast idol group members in their late teens or early twenties. We will decide on the main character after auditioning them.” Said PD also mentioned, “Although idol group members can become the lead character and raise much gossip, what’s more important is their acting abilities. They need to pass a vigorous audition and observation of their acting skills before we can decide.”

The actors in “Boys Prettier than Flowers” are raising talk as well, since they are also rumoured to be idol group members who are just as popular.

It's Gonna Be DBSK VS Big Bang For MKMF

The final list for 2008 MKMF nominee-and-song list has been released, and has also attracted heated response from music fans.

‘2008 Mnet KM Music Festival (MKMF)’ will he head on 15th November. The list also be announced on 17th November on cable channel Mnet ‘Wide Ent News’.

This year, there will be 7 sections for the singers awards, 5 sections for genre awards, 13 sections for music video awards and other awards, with 3 DaeSang award in the total of 30 awards all together. To order to produce the fairest judging for the awards, much effort has been put into the judging system.

Especially exciting will be the showdown of the different boybands. There is Dong Bang Shin Ki, who never fail not to clinch any of such awards, and also Big Bang who has been rising strong in the Kpop market in the 1 year and 7 months when Dong Bang Shin Ki has been inactive in Korea and promoting overseas.

Will Dong Bang Shin Ki take Big Bang down by showing them their glory of the past, or will Big Bang show that they will continue to defend for their place in the Kpop market as the best idol group, is a hot topic amongst music fans.

Other than this, we are in for more showdowns between different artistes like SHINee and 2PM for Newcomer award, and Kim Dong Ryul and Seo Taiji for Male Singer Award.

More information will be post on Mnet’s official homepage as well as the poll that will take place as part of the judging of awards.

Vote for your favourite singers

Singer Category

Newcomer (Male)

SHINee - Noona is very pretty
UKiss - Not young
2PM - 10 points out of 10 points
2AM - This song
Mighty Mouth - I love you

Newcomer (female)

Davichi - Love you even though I hate you
Moon Ji Eun - Fox Song
SunAh - Chantey Chantey
Lee Hyun Ji - Kiss Me Kiss Me
Joo - Because of a man

Male group

Dong Bang Shin Ki - MIROTIC
Big Bang - Haru Haru
Epik High - One
FT Island - After love
SG Wannabe - La La La

Female group

Brown Eyed Girls - L.O.V.E
So Nyeo Shi Dae - Kissing you
SeeYa - Hot Girl
WonderGirls - Nobody
Jewelry - One more time

Male singer

Kim Dong Ryul - Let’s start over again
Seo Taiji - MOAI
TaeYang - Look only at me
Toy - Hot Goodbye
MC Mong - Circus

Female singer

Gummy - I’m sorry
Seo In Young - Cinderella
Um Jung Hwa - DISCO
YounHa - Telepathy
Lee Hyori - U-Go-Ril

Mixed group

Turtles - Sing La La (>.<) 
Jaurim - Carnival Amour 
Cherry Filter - Orange Road 
Cool - Want Love 
Clazziquai - Robotica 
Genre Category
 House and Electronica 
Moon Hee Jun - Obsession 
Seo Taiji - MOAI 
Jaurim - Carnival Amour 
Transfixion - Radio 
Nell - 기억을 걷는 시간 
Music Video Category 
MV production 
Dynamic Duo - Solo (Han Dae Hee) 
Um Jung Hwa - DISCO (Seo Hyung Seung) 
Epik High - One (Hong Won Gi) 
WonderGirls - Nobody (Jang Jae Hyuk) 
TaeYang - Prayer (Seo Hyung Seung)
 Others Category
 Kim Dong Wook, SG Wannabe - 운명을 거슬러 (East of Eden)
 Yoo Seung Chan - Love you (Mother is dead upset) 
TaeYeon - If (Hong Gil Dong) 
Tei - 꿈의 시간들 (Sik Gae) 
FT Island - 한가지 말 (On Air) 
Auction style 
Dynamic Duo - Solo 
Dong Bang Shin Ki - MIROTIC 
Big Bang - Haru Haru
 SHINee - Noona is very pretty 
Seo In Young - Cinderella 
So Nyeo Shi Dae - Kissing You 
Um Jung Hwa - DISCO 
WonderGirls - Nobody 
Lee Hyori - U-Go-Girl 
Nell - 기억을 걷는 시간 
Song of the year, Singer of the year, Auction netizen award, Mobile popularity award 
2AM, 2PM, Gummy, Kim Dong Ryul, Turtles, Davichi, Dynamic Duo, Dong Bang Shin Ki, Mighty Mouth, Moon Ji Eun, Moon Hee Jun, Park Ji Heon, Brown Eyed Girls, Brown Eyes, SHINee, Seo In Young, Big Bang, Seo Taiji, SunAh, So Nyeo Shi Dae, Super Junior, SeeYa, Um Jung Hwa, Epik High, WonderGirls, YounHa, Eun Ji Won, Lee Hyun Ji, Lee Hyori, Jaurim, Joo, Cherry Filter, Cool, Clazziquai, TaeYang, Toy, Transfixion, FT Island, MC Mong, Nell, SG Wannabe, UKiss, V.O.S

Super Junior's celebration of their 3rd year anniversary

Super Junior will celebrate their 3rd anniversary on November 8th instead of the 6th. Super Junior's representative stated that there will be a 3rd year anniversary fan party. It will be held in University Gymnasium Hwajeong(?). Time not yet confirmed and it costs 10, 0000 won. Fans are expecting it to be a special time.

Can TVXQ Save the Music Industry?

Their fourth album has broken 200K sales.
TVXQ's fourth album "Mirotic" has sold over
200K copies after only two weeks of release, and on the 13th their total sales amounted to 208345 copies. These two years, artists such as Big Bang (sold 132000 copies), Brown Eyed Girls (112000) copies, etc. have been under the curse of "not being able to sell more than 150,000 copies." Each year, TVXQ's sales rankings are higher than before. According to charts, their first single in 2004 "Miduhyo," sold 242580 copies, ranking eighth. Their second album, "Rising Sun,' sold 222472 copies in 2005, ranking fourth, and their third album "O. Jung. Ban. Hap" in 2006 sold 349317 copies, ranking first. TVXQ's third album sold the most copies within Korea in 2006. Everyone is anticipating their fourth album to outsell the third album and reach a sales mark of 35K, as they have broken the 20K mark in just two weeks. Where does TVXQ's sales power come from? First, fans want to collect the CDs, and they are the biggest source. According to SM's calculations, TVXQ's official fanclub has 800,000 members.

Jaejoong As A Rapper?

Dong Bang Shin Ki was on SBS Power FM on 13th October on ‘Lee Jeok’s Ten Ten Club’ where they introduced new songs from their 4th album on the show.

Track 2 of the album ‘Wrong Number’ was especially the hot topic of the day.

Vocal JaeJoong introduced the song together with the fact that this is his first time attempting rapping.

He said, “I really want to do rapping like crazy. The truth is that when we were recording the song, I felt embarrassed in front of the other members. I was curious how the members will receive it, and unexpectedly their reactions were good and I was relieved.”

Together, the group introduced their 4th album with live performances like ‘Afterglow’ which Xiah JunSu wrote the lyrics to.

Jae Joong's first ever rap is featured in the song Wrong Number off DBSK's comeback album Mirotic.

Hankyung In CDrama , Stage Of Youth

Hankyung has started filming for the upcoming CCTV Drama青春舞台 / qing chun wu tai / (literal translation: Stage of Youth). His character is named 夏磊 / xià lěi and it’s going to be a 12-episode drama.

Hangeng Caught Smoking! (O.O)

Newly found pictures of Super Junior member Han Geng has stirred up concern and attention from netizens.

According to the poster of the pictures, they claim the supposed innocent and gentleman Han Geng was smoking "like a pro smoker".

The pictures were "taken" from a diner where Han Geng was seen with his friends.

2008年9月17日,北京,近日,午夜12点30分左右,Super Junior-M 队长韩庚偕同助理与两名神秘女子现身东三环某餐馆用餐,韩庚等人吃的狼吞虎咽,并且多次补点食物,看来之前一定是经历了大的运动量活动所致。饭后几个人一边聊天一边抽烟,韩庚叼烟的动作十分熟练老道,与以往亮相于公众场合健康乖巧的优质偶像判若两人,就连他对面的两位美女也在潇洒的吞云吐雾。


Brief translation: SJ-M's Han Kyung was seen with his assistant and two mystery girls at dinner in Beijing on 09.17. They appeared to be extra hungry because everyone ate a lot and they kept ordering more food. After their meals, everyone sat around, talked and enjoyed a few cigarettes, the way Han Kyung was smoking indicated that he's a "pro" smoker (meaning you can tell he's been smoking for years); Han Kyung seemed like a totally different person from the healthy sunny boy that we're used to seeing.

Han Kyung paid the bill around 4 am and left. Report is convinced that one of the girls is Chinese actress Niu Meng

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