Saturday, October 4, 2008

SHINee's Key, a water sports representative in his middle school days

SHINee's Key, a junior high school water sports representative at national meet level.
Key, a member of 5 member rookie group, SHINee, has recently been known to be a water sports representative in his junior high school days.

Key who has graduated from Daegu ____ (full translation not available) Junior High School, has represented Daegu on many occasions in the national water sports meet, and has won awards before.

The teacher who has selected and trained Key to become a water sports athlete, Lee JongWoo (?) said, "Key was very good in sports in his junior high school days, and because he was so innate talent he has for the sport, he became a representative of Daegu."

In regards to this, Key expressed that "I did not mean to conceal the fact that I was a water sports representative at junior high school level." And that "My experiences as an athlete has provided me with a lot of motivation to push on in my current life as an artiste."

SHINee who has debuted with "Noona, You're So Pretty" has now released their first full length album. "Love Like Oxygen" has been rising in the charts on various music shows and has attained the number one spot.


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O.O wonder if he has abs~~ :p umma!get that thought of Key in speedos out of your mind!

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