Tuesday, October 7, 2008

FT Island's Lee Hongki will be the Main Cast for the Mon-Tue Drama "The Lord of Study"

SBS Mon-Tue drama "Tazza" which is coming to an end, will be followed by the new drama "The Lord of Study", starring FT Island's Lee Hongki.

Staff involved revealed on the 7th that, "We're still in the midst of finalising Lee Hongki as the main cast" and "We will make the final decision on the cast soon".

Another staff involved mentioned that, "It is almost confirmed that Lee Hongki is the main cast. We're still discussing the details".

Originating from the Japanese comic "Dragon Zakura", the drama "The Lord of Study", will show how the lousy students work their way to enter Seoul National University. The drama will also portray some realistic side of Korean students in school.

On the other hand, upon confirming Lee Hongki as the cast of "The Lord of Study", the drama will start its first filming at the end of October.


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