Saturday, July 19, 2008

Random Questions asked by Lean -Answers are shuffled songs from my Ipod-

-How am I feeling today
SMtown - Under the Sea
-Will I go far in life
DBSK - White Lie
-Best Friend's theme song
DBSK - Stay With Me Tonight
-Story of my life
Zhang Li Yin - Why?
-What was high school life?
F.T island - Only One Person
-How can I get ahead in life
SHINee - Nuna Nomu Yeoppo(Replay)
-What's the best thing about my friends
Zhang Li Yin feat. Xiah Junsu - Timeless
-Describe your grandparents
Super Junior - Rock this house
-How is your life going?
DBSK - Choosey Lover
-Song played at funeral
DBSK - Heart,Mind and Soul
-Will you have a happy life
DBSK - Get Me Some
-What does your friends think of you
DBSK - High Time
-How can you make yourself happy?
-What should you do in your life?
DBSK - Free Your Mind
-Will you ever have children?
DBSK - Love Is...

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