Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Day 2 At Lean's House

Eli's with us!!!Yay!!!Still can't like chocolate chicken..eww......Eli is so random...as usual...
"Find inner peace.Close your eyes and imagine."*closes her eyes* "Your on a calm beach.The wind is blowing against her face.Then Hangkyung appears (LOL SO RANDOM!) doing his famous pelvic thrust."She starts to fan girl "OMG I'M IN HEAVEN NOW!"

I recorded it~I'm so happy today.Saw Yeong Shin and Zhuo Ren at Cempaka.Zhuo Ren you're so freaking tall!!STOP BLOODY GROWING!!! *whacks you*And Lean don't hit him...if u do he hits me.Yeong Shin and her ONEW fangirl-ing.Lean and her KEY fangirl-ing.LOL Shu anne 1st thing when she sees me "Clare do you have money?Left my purse in class"

We went to a pastry making shop.Started taking photos of big huge bars of chocolate,packets of sprinkles,coloring,chocolate sauce,choco chips,chocolate sprinkles (YUM!)

We're about to die in Lean's room coz it's so freaking hot (as in literally) Eli starts rolling around then sleep on the floor,my spot was cold =) Lean...we just have no idea how she survives...so warm plus blanket!We only manage to sleep at 6 a.m. had to wake up at 8 a.m. Eli's still sleeping...zzz....

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