Saturday, July 26, 2008

Hankyung To Star In A New Drama

Han Geng of Super Junior M will be playing the lead role in CCTV’s upcoming drama 青春舞台 /qing chun wu tai/ (literal translation: Stage of Youth). The character is named 夏磊 /xià lěi/. It’s going to be a 12-episode drama~The confirmation came from the official blog of the 假日剧 /Jia ri ju/ (Holiday drama). 青春舞台 is going to be CCTV’s third holiday drama. The 2 previous dramas were 梦想人间 /meng xiang ren jian/ that aired during the Chinese New Year period in 2006, and also Kangta’s 丁家有女喜洋洋 /ding jia you nü xi yang yang/ in November of 2007.description of Geng’s character in the blog entry:

夏磊: 一个热爱跳舞的阳光大男孩,父亲是顶级射箭运动员,曾因夏磊的母亲去世与上一届奥运会失之交臂,父亲希望夏磊能继承衣钵,但夏磊只喜欢跳舞,在经历了与父辈的矛盾、重重的自我挑战、不懈的努力后,终于实现了自我升华,成就了生命的精彩,成长为新一代舞蹈巨星。

(rough translation: Xia Lei: a young man who loves to dance, his dad is a top notched archery athlete, because of the death of Xia Lei’s mom and also a missed opportunity in the last Olympic, his dad wish Xia Lei to follow his footsteps [follow dad’s dream to become an outstanding athlete to enter the Olympics). However Xia Lei only likes to dance, after going through dad’s objections, challenges after challenges, & with persistence, he finally raises to a higher level, achieves brilliance, & become the new generation’s dancing star.

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