Friday, July 18, 2008


1.How old are you?
-turning 14 in August

2.The song that you're currently listening
-Alex's 'If It's You'

3.Single or in relationship
-Single hoping for a guy

4.What have you bought with your own money lately
-. . . didn't go shopping for quite some time

5.Emotions right now?Why?
-Hyper!Just saw DBSK,Suju M,Suju H,SHINee,Epik High,Alex and V.O.S on tv *drool*

6.Favourite food
-uh...not sure...too many

7.Have you regreted something in life?
-Yup.Secret =p

-to see any one of DBSK,Super Junior,F.T island,Fly To The Sky,Epik High,SG Wannabe,Big Bang...etc. members

9.Last MV watched
-Super Junior H's Cooking?Cooking!

-blogging and watching Pops in Seoul on 313

11.Dreams to live in

12.Ideal guy
-someone like Jaejoong ^^

13.In school...

-Hye In,Joy,Masafumi and Shunichi
-Leandra and Joy
c)hot tempered easily
-Celine?Sometimes me?
-Ellen(Do Yoo) and Eiichi
e)fan girls with me
-Leandra,Hye In,So Young...Celine (whenever she hears Yunho's name)
-kinda all of us
-none of us are
i)talented in piano
-So Young,Leandra,Brian,Sofia,Yea Ji
j)talented in guitar
k)talented in drawing
-Celine,Yea Ji and Me
l)has a romantic love life in the past
-Everyone says it's my love life
-definitely Leandra when she talks about fanfiction plots or random imaginative situations I just love
o)talented in violin
-Leandra,Natsuno and Elizbeth
-Natsuno,Celine,Hye In,Leandra and Me
-me (I owned the name Ryeowook for a reason!)
Natsuno,Leandra,Hye In,Me
s)boyfriend material
Andrew,Matthew (Yang Rae)
t)eternal magnae
-Me,Elizabeth and Yea Ji
u)looks like a monkey sometimes
v)awesome singing voice
Shonika,Celine,Joy,Hye In,Leandra,Ellen (Do Yoo),Krupa,Eujene
x)best protester
y)anime lover
-Yea Rin,Celine,Leandra,Me
z)Kpop lover
-my group of friends except Joy and Natsuno

14.Favourite korean artist out of the rest
-I feel guilty of choosing...*nervous laugh*...cho kyuhyun

15.Jaejin or Takaki Yuya

16.What I want for my birthday
-not sure...secret...and for Leandra to stop saying 'Kyu Kyu'

17.What are you going to do after this?

18.If you were reborned somehow which would you rather be male or female

19.Last movie watched
-Hell Boy 2

20.Last MV watched
-Epik High - Breakdown

21.Younha or Hyori
-Love them both

22.Is it someone's birthday today?

23.How many DBSK posters on the wall

24.Plans for summer
-Go to Singapore,Penang (fencing competition),Cameron Highlands

25.Want to
-text him and solve my Super Junior puzzle

26.Prize Possesion

27.Fetish in guys
-magnae,low voice,small eyes?(the one I likes usually has small eyes),long legs,muscular arms,sexy eyes =p

-MAA,August 2nd at 11pm

29.Favorite fanfiction on
-Yesung and Sungmin's Love

30.Last words

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