Monday, July 28, 2008

DBSK Performance - Why Did I Fall For You?

Translations for the speaking bit.
The interviewer basically says that lately ChangMin has taken up the guitar, and asks how long he's been playing.

ChangMin's saying he got a guitar 4 months ago, and that he wants to become good enough at it to play it at a live.

Interviewer asks if anyone else can play an instrument and which.

Yunho says he's always been interested in drums and can kinda play.

Interviewer asks if they've ever thought of forming a band.

Junsu says they've talked about forming a "band" before, and once or twice they've thought "we want to try it" for a concert or something.

Junsu says they're going to try their hardest, and if they do...

YooChun cuts in and declares their name "Toho Band" which everyone repeats.
ChangMin says that for now it's only a dream.

Cut to song.

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