Sunday, July 27, 2008

Junior Magazine

So happy!!!got the new issue of Junior Magazine ^ ^ It came with 5 F.T island individual posters,2 back to back poster.1 was Battle and F.T island and the other 1 was Wonder Girls and R-Eal.Jonghun is so gorgeous!!!!! *Squeals* Look down don't you agree?Jaejin is so slim and so cute plus hot at the same time!!!!XD!!!OMG Minhwan so cute and manly!!!!!Jonghun so gorgeous,hot,pretty,wat else?XD *spazzes abt jonghun* Hongki looks so matured!!!!!feminine at the same time.OMG OMG OMG!!!!Wonbin!!!!still as pretty as ever!!!!I think he put on weight for muscles =p LOVING THEIR LEGS!!!!!!XDXD THE POSTER JONGHUN WAS SO FREAKING GORGEOUS!!!!!!XD

the cover
back of the front cover

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