Thursday, July 24, 2008

Day 3 At Lean's House

Today was Yang Rae oppa's farewell party!!!Regret the deal me and Lean had on wearing a girls are such pervs!!!!!!!!!!!you ppl keep looking at my butt!!!!!FREAKING PERVS!!!The whole time saying "Clare has a nice butt."Can't believe u ppl.Andrew!!!I thank God you weren't like them!!

Fuzz ball is such an adictive game!!!^^Congratz Visha!!!!You got a bullseye in darts!!!Pak Ling!!!You're a failure!!!!Lean you can't keep Yang Rae oppa in a cage eventhough he's so adorable.At least I'm not the only lip virgin^^Yang Rae oppa has join the lip virgin.LOL.Eli starts taking photos of my ass for some reason (I do not want to know)

Lean is Yang Rae oppa really that nice to lean on?He's so cute!!!He just can't sit still.The cake we was surprisingly good (no surprise if someone had diarhea)It was a bad idea to put cocoa on the cake!Even when I left...Lean told me they were competing with my butt =_=

Oppa You Make Everything Better!

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