Saturday, September 27, 2008

DBSK, in a recent interview with a Korean online news journalist,has revealed that they don’t really care about Super Junior.When the journalist asked MAX Changmin if there is a newbie singer he likes, Changmin picked SHINee.

”They debuted so young, yet their singing and dancing are wonderful.Our company(SM) cares more about one’s character and passion,so I’m also anticipating on them as individuals. And I somehow care more about them, since we both have five members in our groups.”

When he finished saying that,Hero Jaejoong commented on Super Junior,”Actually in Super Junior,some members are older than us,and we have to watch them aging.We don’t really care about Super Junior.” (Joke Btw)
Also,DBSK commented on Wang Biho’s criticism on them.Wang Biho had said at KBS Gag Concert,”DBSK has 8 hundred thousand fans,yet they only sell 1 hundred thousand albums.”Mad Cassiopeias demanded an apology from him.

DBSK’s Xiah Junsu has expressed his opinion on teen idols at an interview:

”I still want to be viewed as a teen idol.I know,it’s hard.The sad thing is that in Korea people view teen idols not the way Americans view at their teen idols.When a teenager becomes singer in America,then he/she is a teen idol.That’s it.But in Korea,they stereotype teen idols as “the untalented”.I want to get rid of that stereotype.”

TVXQ made one of their first television appearances in Korea via SBS Chocolate on the 27th.

The heart warming performances and displays of compassion towards Ye Eun, the blind piano prodigy, put the audience into tears.

Their first comeback performance will be via SBS Inkogayo tomorrow (28th). < is="" the="" link="" to="" and="" song="" they="" sang="" was="" you="" raise="" me="" up="" it="" really="">

On the 28th of September, Lee Joon Ki’s talent agency, Mentor Entertainment, brings Lee Joon Ki and his manager to court for breach of contract and demands a compensation of 500 million won. In the details submitted to the court, Mentor Entertainment claimed that there was an agreement with Lee Joon Ki that he was not allowed to sign contracts with other companies within the 5 years with Mentor. However in November last year, Lee Joon Ki and his manager Kim, setup a new company secretly. They have used the new company to gain contracts and profited more than 1 billion won in the process. Mentor demanded 500 million won compensation from Lee Joon Ki and for him to stop all his commercial activities till the end of the contract. Lee Joon Ki’s manager rebutted Mentor Entertainment’s claims. He said, “Mentor was the one who breached the contract in the first place. They have been delaying the pay for Lee Joon Ki since last year. We have already submitted the court application in February to renounce the contract between Lee Joon Ki and Mentor Entertainment”. Neither side seems willing to relent at this moment. Therefore a court case is inevitable.


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