Thursday, September 4, 2008

3 Days of School

Hi...(if i sound emo really sorry) only 3 days of school and already got teased for whole 3 nice *sarcastic voice*...haiz...1 whole P.E lesson and my group just so happens to be the 1 who teases me the most except Gillian...Lunch time both ummas...Andrew during environmental management...*think i can kill anyone right now.trying my best to conrtol myself* after/before school and lessons 24/7 being teased on! HELL my brother thinks like you guys!!! *really frustrated*

People who are really curious about what's the teasing about...all of them thinks i like Eric (Chea).................=.= SOME OF YOU EVEN BLOODY THINK I'M WITH HIM!!!WTH WEI!!! *sorry but a bit pissed with everyone* JUST BECAUSE WE'RE DAMN CLOSE CAUSE I KNEW HIM LIKE A WEEK EARLIER THAN YOU GUYS!!!!!!!!!!WTF!!!!!! *continues swearing* SHIT YOU GUYS LA!!!!!!! AND JUST BECAUSE WE LOOK CUTE TOGETHER YOU GUYS THINK WE'RE A BLOODY COUPLE!!!!!!!!!! *starts shouting even more.calms down a bit* guys ah.....nothing better to do is it? just because i play the whole 'eternal magnae' and i'm the one who doesn't get angry with you guys easily I get teased on is it?

Ok....I've complained enough already...I should do a quick re-introduction

Umma(won't mention her name)
always teases me
brilliant author (Silver Dreams On Golden Wings)
motherly in a way
fan of Henry and Ryeowook

Hyein aka Jaejoong Umma
always teases me
adorable little girl who you would want as your child
very hyper

Celine aka Heechul Hyung
hot tempered
teases me but not everytime just those light issues
get teased by me as well just the light issues
big fan of Yunho

Elizabeth aka Hankyung
neutral sometimes (doesn't take anybodies side)
fan of Hankyung
random LOL

Joy aka Siwon
super nice
always happy/cheerful
easily loved ^ ^

cute and loveable
adorable little girl who you would want as your child
teases me

teases me
cute in a special way

Eric/Chea (not use to calling him eric.sounds like i'm calling a member from shinhwa) aka Yesung
really nice
loves to do random things (like dance Jewelry-One More Time in maths haha XD)
loves to sing (Cinderella LOL)
talk about the most random-est things <

Pak Ling aka Sparkling LOL
fails (except in baking and completing the rubix cube)
nerd LOL
has awesome baking skills (yummy brownies! ^ ^)

Smart ass
NO sense in direction
too tall for his own good
teases me (surprisingly)

roughly these are the people in my life LOL anyways the 1st three days weren't bad but it wasn't that awesome either.

Highlights of the day 1
All the welcome back hugs
Fumi who thought Eric/Chea was a girl by his name

Highlights of day 2 (after school)
Me and Lean doing the So Hot dance together
Chea doing the One More Time dance during maths (Lean told me)
Lean and Chea ordering one another like servants
Me and Chea doing the Cinderella dance together
Lean,Chea & Natalie talking about sex and condoms (WTH!) I was just listening ^ ^

Highlights of day 3
*can't remember*


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