Friday, September 5, 2008


The popular K-pop group TVXQ! will be releasing their fourth album throughout Asia, starting with Korea on the 24th. After bringing the public their third album, "O-Union," in September 2006, the group spent two years working in Japan. The fourth studio album signals the return of TVXQ! to Korea.

"The phenomenal transformation of TVXQ! was released in a teaser and now, people are more excited than ever about their fourth album," said an SM Entertainment representative. "Many album labels have been inquiring about its trans-continental release," he continued.

TVXQ! dominated the Korean music scene in 2006, as they swept up multiple awards before flying over to work in Japan. The group's comeback to Korea is preceded by three consecutive first place rankings on Japan's Oricon Music Charts, as well as a record-breaking 390,000 tickets sold during their one and a half year Asia Tour.

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SHINee already has their name on the list of Hallyu Stars.

SHINee's debut song Replay is gaining popularity in Thailand. SHINee's management company SM Entertainment said "SHINee's Replay has ranked 2nd on Thailand's POP Channel International Chart."

It has been 4 months since they debuted and SHINee's popularity is not just overseas but on Korean online & offline charts as well.

On August 29th SHINee released 2 versions of their 1st album 'The SHINee World' and on the online album sales site Hot Trax Daily Chart SHINee ranked 1st and 3rd place. They also topped the live chart and is maintaining their popularity.

Love Like Oxygen ranked 2nd on Soribada's popularity chart and 6th on Doshirak and is rising in popularity. They reconfirmed that they are the best new group in 2008.

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