Tuesday, July 20, 2010


SHINee - Lucifer MV

SOOOOOOOO FUCKING AWESOME!! I FUCKING LOVE TAEMIN'S HAIR! MAKES HIM LOOK INSANELY GORGEOUS, MATURED AND ESPECIALLY SEXY! SUCH A TEASE WITH HIS EXPRESSIONS AND OMFG HE'S LIKE A HUMAN JELLY WITH HIS HANDS!! OMFG HIS HAIR IS SO UNHEALTHY FOR ME! ONEW, FINALLY LOVE HIS HAIR BECAUSE IT WAS UP XD FUCKING LOVE DIVA KEY'S MOHAWK HE PULLED IT OFF REALLY WELL! JONGHYUN'S HELLA SEXY WITH HIS HALF SHIRT THING XD MINHO SANG A PART! LIKE FINALLY! XD BUT I THOUGHT IT WAS TAEMIN XD THE CHOREOGRAPHY WAS JUST AMAZING XD THE SONG IS AMAZING! the song has a hypnotic (well in my opinion) beat to it with the constant repetition, lyrics a bit scary and mysterious. Both Nickhun of 2PM and Kibum of Suju, tweeted about the teaser saying "just watched SHINee's Lucifer Teaser looks awesome!" The album has really nice songs as well XD ESPECIALLY A-Yo. Your Name has a loungy feel cause of the lalalalala in the beginning. Also, in their Thank You notes, they mentioned their closest Kpop friends? i think. Onew, Jonghyun mentioned Kyuhyun and Minho...well being a hyungwhore, mentioned all Suju members XD SHINee also mentioned Yunho and Changmin, SNSD, BEAST and MBLAQ!


credits: omonatheydidnt@LJ

will post their pictures soon! gotta sleep! night!

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